Ashley Walburn
(913) 707-9362

"I believe yoga is so much more than movement. It is a way of life and is our guide in all that we do. Yoga during pregnancy is so special because mommies learn to connect deeply with themselves and allows them to connect with their babies. Prenatal yoga prepares the pregnant mother's body for a healthier pregnancy and a connected, empowered birth, the support mothers receive from yoga and the other mothers in class prepares them for motherhood." 
Ashley's greatest accomplishment is being the mother of 4 sons. Wanting an amazing birth experience and desire for peaceful parenting led Ashley to practice yoga in 2001. Noticing the transforming effects of yoga on herself, Ashley knew  this would be her journey, to teach mothers yoga, and support them in birth and parenting. In 2005 Ashley completed her first yoga teacher training and became a certified Prenatal and Postnatal yoga teacher through Colette Crawford at the Seattle Holistic Center. Ashley has also completed the contemporary teacher training with Hala Khouri and Julian Walker weaving traditional therapy with yoga and has trained with Hala in several other workshops also.  Ashley has been mostly influenced by Emily Darling and believes  creating a nurturing environment allows for healing to occur. Ashley earned a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2001, she is a birth doula and attends  25- 30 births annually. Ashley teaches a bi-monthly birthing workshop at Darling Yoga. 
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